HydroLogic Purification Systems

Rich Gellert, Founder and President,HydroLogic Purification Systems

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Rich Gellert, Founder and President, HydroLogic Purification SystemsRich Gellert, Founder and President,HydroLogic Purification Systems
HydroLogic Purification Systems is a water filtration technology company servicing a diverse array of industries with water chemistry and regulation compliance needs. We specialize in designing solutions for the cannabis industry, which presents the toughest and most complex environmental laws in North America. Our experience with commercial/industrial reverse osmosis, hydroponics and decentralized hydroponic farming is second to none. After 15 years of steady growth we can say with assurance that when it comes to growing premium, compliant product at scale, we have solved nearly every water-related issue under the sun.

Our focus on cannabis began with small farmers, and the understanding that cannabis is highly susceptible to fluctuations in water quality. Consistent results require scientific precision. We’ve refined our process and technology with years of testing and hundreds of thousands of consumer-grade filtration units installed, all over the world. With the accumulated library of data from so many different water chemistry conditions, we built our industrial division, HyperLogic, which has become the #1 choice for business professionals who are serious about their success.

Perfecting taste requires precise control over water chemistry

Some of our most important systems include:

HyperLogic Automated Reclaim Condensate System (ARCS): Up to 80% of an operation’s daily water demand can be reclaimed from HVAC condensate runoff. These systems reintroduce pure, contaminant and pathogen-free, pH-balanced water back into the primary irrigation system. Regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry is challenging, but also extremely rewarding. We are proud to say ARCS received Cannabis & Tech Today’s Sustainability Leadership in Water Usage award for 2019!

HyperLogic Nutrient Runoff System: This system recycles wastewater created by hydroponic farming and feeds it back into the primary system. An incredible 99% efficiency is possible with this system, when used in conjunction with evaporation methods to reduce waste to solid fertilizer, which can be reused or resold.
HyperLogic High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis: From small farms to industrial scale operations our systems are designed to be the most efficient, easiest to operate reverse osmosis filters available. All our systems can be delivered pre-plumbed and skid-mounted, or built into climate-controlled shipping containers that can withstand even the toughest environmental conditions.

HydroLogic specializes in solutions for the challenging industry of cannabis, but we’ve also applied our product and process innovations to many other industries as well. These include breweries and distilleries, food service and beverage, wet walls, hemp and CBD cultivation, as well as consumer and industrial drinking water applications.

Brewery/distillery water filtration: Perfecting taste requires precise control over water chemistry. Our Brewery Skid provides granular calibration of mineral content to achieve complete water taste customization. Taste impurities such as chlorine and chloramines (commonly found in municipal water) are removed, giving the brewer full control over the end product, at scale.

  • From small farms to industrial scale operations our systems are designed to be the most efficient, easiest to operate reverse osmosis filters available

Food service/beverage water filtration: From coffee to maple syrup to kombucha, any consumable product that requires safe water with minimal taste interference would benefit from starting with a base formula of sterile, purified water. In some cases, eliminating all possibility of biological contamination without additional chemicals is necessary, such as with prepping water for kombucha production. Ultra-pure product water of this type is typically created with a combination of UV-C ultraviolet light filters and reverse osmosis.

Wet Wall filtration: Wet Walls are commercial-scale evaporative cooling systems that require pure, mineral free water to operate efficiently. Like smaller evap coolers, wet walls trickle water down a porous, air-permeable material while a high-volume fan blows air through from one side to the other. This generates significant space cooling without the use of energy (and cost) intensive equipment. Perfect for solar electricity powered commercial applications. Water purification is needed to prevent mineral scale accumulation, which accelerates efficiency loss and equipment damage. Commercial foggers have the same issue, without mineral-free water as the input, efficacy loss and premature replacement of parts will occur.

Hemp and CBD filtration: Historically, hemp farming was solely focused on volume, as the value of the crop was linked to its use in textiles and rope. This method required little to no monitoring of water quality. The discovery of health benefits related to CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in both cannabis and hemp, created an entirely new industry which currently generates over a billion dollars a year, with no sign of slowing. Traditional methods of growing hemp for CBD no longer make financial sense, as hemp, just like its sister cannabis, can be bred in strains to grow high-volume CBD producing plants. This requires full control of water input and the addition of nutrient formulas, which are calibrated using a base of pure reverse osmosis water.

Whole house/whole business drinking water systems: When drinking water purity is a concern for residential or commercial settings, a commercial reverse osmosis system at the water main ensures clean, safe water for consumers. This includes sterilization, dechlorination and re-mineralization, which re-introduces beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium back into the purified water.

HydroLogic is the number one brand name in hydroponic water filters, across North America.
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